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At Comstar Internet we listen and respond with sensible, budget conscious, workable solutions for your unique internet needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of internet services for your home and business needs.

Call us today to discover just how easy it is to get better internet products and services with Comstar Internet.

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Our Services

We help with Internet, NBN, Telephony, Web and Email hosting, Web Sites, Remote Customer Support, Anti Virus and just about anything internet related

Web Hosting

After a premium hosting service ? Comstar Internet has web hosting services in Australia providing you with the best possible solution for your money.

Web Site Development

After a Simple website or something a little more advanced, give us a call we can help with most development.

Secure Backups

We can supply Secure offsite backup solutions and maintainance.

Anti Virus

We can supply and support Anti virus/Malware solutions and maintenance.


After a really fast internet connection well the NBN is for you. Comstar Internet offers Australia Wide coverage. Ask us today how we can help you.

Dedicated Support

Customer Support

Customer support is available Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm and after hours support is available emailing support@comstar.com.au